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  APRStracker packet 0.11
APRStracker is an alternative firmware for tinytrak like aprs trackers. It includes a small configuration utility that runs on Linux.
  7plus packet 2.25
UUENCODE-like file coder for use in Amateur Packet Radio, for sending and forwarding of binary files.
  7plus/FBB packet 2.0
7plus utilities for FBB 7.03 and later.
  A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine morse 20040816
This program teaches you to receive Morse code. It starts with a few letters and adds more when it sees that you are ready.
  aatis-modem packet 0.1.7
Ham Radio Linux USB Modem driver for the AS296 and AS607 1k2/4k8/9k6 usb
  acarsd digital 1.65
acarsd allows the monitoring of ACARS transmission using a soundcard.
  Acfax digital 981011
Fax receiving software for linux/X11. Uses a soundcard to receive fax images.
  adifmerg logging 29
Small ADIF-file conversion, merge and check utility written in Perl.
  AFU Knoppix obsolete 6.01
7-Oct-10: The website has been closed.
  Airs packet 990215b
AIRS is the Amateur-radio IP Routing System.
  Aldo morse 0.7.6
A morse tutor that drives any Linux-supported soundcard.
  Another GUI software for VOACAP for Linux propagation 3.0
This GUI helps in the creation of the input file that is needed for running VOACAP predictions on Linux.
  ao40tlmview obsolete 1.04
31-Jul-07: Moved to Obsolete. AO40 is QRT.
  Aor Plot rigcontrol 0.91
Multi platform Tcl/Tk spectrum plotting software for AOR 8200/8600 receivers.
  Aor8000 rigcontrol 0.12
Control programs for the AOR-8000 scanning receiver using Tcl/Tk (for the X version) and the console (This is of interest to AOR-8000 scanner owners).
  Aor8200write rigcontrol 19990829
AorWrite is short commandline tool to communicate with AOR-AR8200 handheld
  aor_search rigcontrol 0.95
software to perform unattended spectrum search, will skip flagged frequencies and log + record audio from finds
  Aprsd packet 2.2.5
This program acts as a gateway between the Internet and a local ham VHF APRS packet network.
  Aprsdigi packet 2.4.4
Aprsdigi is a specialized Amateur Packet Radio (AX.25) UI-frame digipeater for the Automatic Position Reporting System, APRS(tm).
  Aprx packet 2.00
APRS (and generic AX.25) digipeater + APRS igate all in one small footprint packet.
  AR8200 Toolkit utils 1.0
Multiplatform channel and bank management for the AOR AR8200 radio scanner, written in Java.
  Atlc antenna 4.6.0
atlc is an acronym of "Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator" and is used for calculating the properties (eg Zo) of electrical transmission lines.
  atpdec satellite 1.7
atpdec is an open source NOAA POES weather satellite software decoder.
  Awznode packet 0.4pre2
AWZnode is a Linux node program based upon LinuxNode by Tomi Manninen OH2BNS and FlexNode by Roy PE1RJA.
  ax25-apps packet 0.0.8-rc2
Standard applications to use with kernel AX.25 support (kernel 2.6).
  ax25-config packet 0.3.3
ax25-config simplifies the configuration and installation of linux AX.25 support on a 2.2/2.4 kernel.
  ax25-tools packet 0.0.10-rc2
Tools for kernel AX.25 support (kernel 2.6).
  Ax25ip packet 0.3.0
RFC1226 describes a method of using TCP/IP based networks to transport AX.25 frames. The ax25ip utility uses this technique to transfer AX.25 frames in and out of TCP/IP environments.
  Ax25ip-dpkiss packet 0.4+DJF+PNX
A daemon to encapsulate AX25 frames in IP datagrams for carriage across an IP network. Get ax25ip.tar.gz instead if you don't need dual port kiss.
  ax25spyd packet 0.23
Ax25spyd is a daemon which analyses, formats and transmit the AX.25 traffic via sockets to other processes. Statistics of heard frames and a simple DX-cluster-spy is included.
  ax25xmpp packet
An AX.25 packet radio to XMPP (Jabber / Google Talk protocol) gateway.
  Axconv packet 1.3
Axconv is a simple AX.25 convers client intended to be launched from ax25d. It connects to the conversd system specified and optionally logs in with the user and channel specified. It does the necessary end-of-line conversions and also buffers the traffic in order to optimise the AX.25 channel usage slightly.
  Axdigi packet 0.02
AX.25 Cross-port digipeater.
  Axw3 packet 0.2 alpha
Axw3 is a http proxy and IP/AX25 gateway that allows your browser fetch pages from the Internet using a pure AX25 connection without encapsulate IP.
  Az_proj propagation 1.1.6
AZ_PROJ is a set of postscript files for drawing colored azimuthal equidistant
  Baken propagation 0.5.3
The idea behind baken is to allow for the visualisation of European VHF/UHF and microwave beacons on a map of Europe.
  Baudline electronics 1.08
This is a oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer software which works with soundcard.
  bbsgate packet 1.3
bbsgate is a full-featured gateway for BBS mail and bulletins towards rfc-822 conforming email and news, and vice versa.
  BC246T Virtual Control rigcontrol 0.9k
This is a little program to control and display the activity on the BC246T via the serial port.
  Bim packet 1.0
Kernel module to drive the Radio Tech BIM-XXX-RS232 Radio Transceiver. The driver emulates a KISS TNC.
  Bpfilt electronics 0.1
bpfilt is a C program for designing narrowband bandpass filters.
  Butterworth electronics 1.0.0
2 pole bandpass filter program written in basic.
  C-filter packet
C-filter for FBB. Gives the fbb software password protection. This is a binary.
  callgit utils 2.1
Callsign lookup tool for qrz.com based on QT4
  Cbs packet 1.00
Amateur Radio Call Book Server.
  Chatbot packet 0.4
Dummy robot written in perl. Can do DX spotting and tell the weather.
  chirp rigcontrol 0.1.12
CHIRP is a FREE cross-platform, cross-radio programming tool. It supports a growing list of radios across several manufacturers and allows transferring of memory contents between them.
  Chkfwd packet 1.0
Chkfwd informs the sysop about msgs which are about to be returned by epurmess because they aren't correctly routed.
  CLLOG logging 1.0.2
CLLOG is a German language HAM RADIO Log program (click to "Download").
  Clx packet 5.04
CLX is a system which clones a PacketCluster node.
  Colrconv packet 0.99.3
Split screen convers client with color and sound support. This is a nice and simple client with some line editing capabilities.
  Conlogv logging 1.1
Contest log program for VHF/UHF/SHF-Contests.
  Contest logging 0.21
Contest is a program to log your QSO's. It logs on one frequency.
  CQiNet packet
CQiNet is a family of programs that combine Ham Radio with the Internet using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology.
  CQRLOG logging 1.5.5
An advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database.
  CW Trainer morse v.01
Easy to use morse code trainer for Linux with graphical user interface.
  Cw2hex morse 1.2.1
This program takes a textual input and converts it to morse encoded characters in the form of a standard Intel HEX file which can be used to program an EPROM.
  Cwbeacon morse 0.4
This program runs a CW beacon (morse code) through the parallel port, capable of keying a transmitter. It uses a spare bit to set an optional attenuator.
  cwbiff morse 0.3.0
A morse code e-mail notifier.
  CWirc morse 2.0.0
CWirc is a plugin for the X-Chat IRC client to transmit raw morse code over the internet using IRC servers as reflectors.
  Cwkeyer morse 0.1.3
CW keyer as a kernel module (/dev/cwkeyer).
  cwstation morse 0.1
cwstation is a gtk based, CW (morse) generator with macro and training capabilities.
  cwtext morse 0.96
cwtext converts ASCII streams in stdin to ASCII Morse code (dotscii) or to audio suitable for >/dev/dsp on Linux and other platforms.
  DBLog logging 1.4
DBLog is a logger program for Linux inspired from Logger32 and M1NN_Logger.
  DDD distribution 0.9.21
The Debian Dxpedition Disk is a live CD containing all programs you need to survive a DXpedition.
  demorse morse 1.1
Command line tool for decoding and printing Morse code signals
  dfhlog logging 1.1.1
This is a simple Ham Radio Logbook, which can import and export ADIF files, show maps based in cluster activity and Maidenhead Locators, show statistics, print labels and QSLs, etc.
  Digidata packet 22
HAMMAP data files, repacked for use with digiinfo/Linux, send updates/changes etc. to hammap-data@vdazone.org.
  Digiinfo packet 2.5.1
Digiinfo port to Linux. Displays information about network nodes and paths within amateur packet radio network.
  Digipup distribution 2.14
Linux Live CD for ham radio operators, based on Puppy Live CD.
  DIGI_NED packet 0.4.0
A new intelligent digipeater software for APRS digis.
  Dixmf packet 1.21
DIXMF is a flexible message filter for LINUX FBB, developed to meet
  Dmascc packet 1.27
Configuration tool and driver for Ottawa PI2 and Gracilis PackeTwin
  Dpbox packet 6.00.00
BBS for linux with F6FBB-, W0RLI-, TheBox- style forward protocols implemented,
  dpl847 satellite 0.1
Command line predict client for Doppler shift correction with Yaesu FT-847.
  DReaM SDR 1.14
Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is a new digital radio standard for the long-, medium- and short-wave ranges. This software can demodulate DRM, AM, FM, SSB, CW from 12 kHz IF signal.
  dsp-sim electronics 1.0
DSP simulation program for FIR and IIR filters. Uses xforms library.
  DttSP SDR 20060101
DttSP is an open source project started by Dr.Frank Brickle and Dr. Robert McGwier of the DTTS Microwave Society to provide code to be used in various DSP projects with an emphasis on Software Defined and Cognitive Radio.
  Dxc packet 4.4
DXC is a pseudo terminal for packet clusters. DXC monitors packet data on the frequency of your cluster.When DX INFO is transmitted to connected users, DXC grabs the information, printing them in various colors on the screen.
  dxcc logging 20080225
dxcc is a small utility which determines the ARRL DXCC entity of a ham radio callsign, based on the cty.dat country file by Jim Reisert, AD1C. Optional GUI with a world map showing the DXCC's location available.
  Dxlmodem packet 0.2a
Linux driver for OE5DXL's 9k6 packet modem.
  DXSpider packet 1.55
DXcluster completely written in PERL.
  dxSpot packet 20010527
Java based interface to dxWorld.com
  EAGLE Layout Editor electronics 5.10
The EAGLE Layout Editor is an easy to use, yet powerful tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs).
  ebook2cw morse 0.8.2
ebook2cw converts text to Morse MP3/OGG-files.
  ebook2cwgui morse 0.1.2
A graphical user interface (GUI) for ebook2cw, written with help of the multi-platform wxWidgets toolkit.
  Eis2pgm satellite 19970915
Port of NK6K's set of microsat image conversion utilities to Linux.
  elbug morse 20111101
a simple c program for a serial elbug = electronic morse key, which is to be plugged to the serial port, its output is also a pin in the serial port.
  Fax digital
Linux HF Fax software. Converts FAX audio to an image for viewing. This software is currently under development and not yet ready for general usage.
  Fbb-source packet 7.04r
Fbb for linux, source code. F6FBB's bbs is the ultimate packet radio mailbox, used all over the world.
  FCDControl rigcontrol
Command-line program for controlling the FunCubeDongle (a versatile VHF/UHF software-defined radio).
  FDGnuX distribution 0.1 beta
FDGnuX is a remastering of Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty version Ham Radio (amateur radio) for members of France Digimode Group (FDG) and all amateurs radio.
  fldigi digital 3.21.14
Multi mode digital modem program, which uses the Fast Light Tool Kit as a gui.
  Fpac packet 3.27-14-pre29
Packet switch node software for kernel 2.6. Based on the ROSE protocol with transparent automated packet frame routing.
  FreqTweak electronics 0.6.1
Audio DSP filter and spectral displays for both pre-processed and post-processed signals. The EQ Cut function is useful for specifying stop-bands and the Gate function is useful for reducing background noise.
  FT100 Rig Control rigcontrol 0.1.0
A pair of programs to control the FT100 transciever.
  Gc logging 1.07
Great Circle. This program is used to determine bearing and range to two stations given latitude and longitude.
  gcmwin propagation 3.1.6
You can use this program to make Great Circle maps from any location in the world.
  GeQRA utils 20030601
enhanced QRA locator to geographic position and vice versa GTK JAVA applet
  Getservinfo packet 0.2
Getservinfo is a simple program which extracts info from the serverXX.in and init.srv files and outputs data in a shell readable form. It's meant to simplify writing servers using shell scripts. 7PREQ, REQFIL, REQDIR and REQZIP shell scripts are included.
  GHUmheard packet 0.1
X version of mheard which uses the GNOME libraries. Ghumheard has 4 notebook tabs showing different kinds of information.
  Glfer morse 0.4.2
Glfer is a program for reception and transmission of QRSS signals, a mode used mainly on the 137 and 73 kHz band.
  gMFSK digital 0.7pre1
This program is an implementation of M-ary Frequency Shift Keying modulation for amateur radio communications.
  Gnom packet 0.3.13
GNOM is a new terminal software running in textmode.
  Gnucap electronics 2009-02-02
Gnucap is a general purpose circuit simulator.
  GNURadio SDR 3.5.0
GNU Radio is a collection of software modules that may be used to build a software-based radio receiver.
  Gpredict satellite 1.2
Gpredict is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program. It can track a large number of satellites and display the data using tables, maps and other views. Gpredict can control your radios and antenna rotators using Hamlib.
  gpsfeed+ utils 0.58
gpsfeed+ is a software gps simulator, providing TCP/IP, UDP, http and serial port connectivity in NMEA 0183, XML or user defined output format.
  gpsk31 digital 0.5
GPSK31 is a PSK31 Terminal, using the GTK+ Version 2 Toolkit.
  gputils electronics 0.14
GPUTILS is a collection of tools for the Microchip (TM) PIC microcontrollers. It includes gpasm, gplink, and gplib.
  Gqrx SDR 1.9.158
Gqrx is a software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and the Qt GUI toolkit. It can process I/Q data from Funcube Dongle (FCD) and Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) devices.
  Green Mountain Callbook logging 1.0.2
Green Mountain Callbook is Free Software that enables its user to search a public domain database of over 700,000 US and Canadian amateur radio callsigns quickly and easily to retrieve information about the licensee such as name, operator class, and mailing address.
  gridloc logging 0.7
Console ncurses based application for Maidenhead grid locator calculations
  Grig rigcontrol 0.8.0
Grig is a simple Ham Radio control (CAT) program based on the Ham Radio Control Libraries (Hamlib). It is intended to be highly generic presenting the user to the same graphical user interface regardless of which radio is being controlled.
  gsmc antenna 1.1
GTK Smith Chart Calulator for RF impedance matching
  GSMC - GTK Smith Chart Calculator electronics 1.1
Simple program for doing calculation with a Smith chart using GTK lib.
  GtkMMorse morse 0.9.27
A graphical GTK+ based morse code tutor. Implements Koch method and Classic Method
  GW4PTS-Morse obsolete 1.00
31-Jul-07: Moved to Obsolete. Doesn't compile on current Linux systems.
  gworldclock utils 1.4.4
This program is a GTK+ application that displays the time and date in a number of timezones, as specified by the user.
  hamfax digital 0.8.1
HamFax is a QT/X11 application for sending and receiving facsimiles over radio.
  Hamlib rigcontrol
A stable, flexible, shared control library for receivers, scanners, amateur radio transceivers and rotators.
  HamPacket documentation 10/22/2011
Configuring Amateur Radio with Centos5
  hamsolar propagation 1.0
Hamsolar is a actually a extremely light weight web browser. It is dedicated to a single specific and highly specialized web page.
  hamtools utils 0.5
Hamtools is simply a collection of random tools that have been written for doing various things with amateur radio.
  Harv's Hamshack Hack distribution 06
Hamshack Hack is a 're-master' of the KNOPPIX Linux distribution made especially for Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) who have no prior experience with Linux.
  Hf digital 0.8
Ham radio CW-elbug, RTTY, Amtor (Sitor), GTOR, PACTOR-1, MT63 program
  HTPP packet 1.22
Popular version of TPP by Hessu, OH7LZB. Contains bug-fixes and patches. This version is also a bit stripped down, some TPP features are removed for the sake of clarity.
  ibp propagation 0.21
This program continuously shows which beacon of the International Beacon Project (on the HF bands from 14 through 28 MHz) is currently transmitting.
  Icom rigcontrol 20001109
This program controls ICOM radio transceivers and receivers with the CI-V option.
  Icomlib rigcontrol 1.0.1
Control suite for the PCR-1000 ICOM receiver.
  Icq7com rigcontrol 0.8
icq7com is a utility for the Icom IC-Q7 mini handheld transceiver. It enables complete backup of its memory, downloading, editing and uploading of channels.
  INP3 support packet 003
InterNode Protocol support for Linux
  Ircgate packet 0.4b
Ircgate is a perl program. It enables IRC (=Internet Relay Chat) users to talk to convers users This aim is achieved by translating the inter-server communication so that all users on both networks can talk to each other just as usual.
  Javaprs packet 2.9b03
APRS is a system which uses amateur radio to transmit position reports,
  javax25 packet 0.2
Java interface to Linux AX.25 (amateur packet radio) sockets.
  JCP satellite 0.9
Java client for predict.
  Jiffy antenna
This is a suite of programs written in BLT - an extension of TCL/TK - which are intended to assist in visualizing antennas. The package is intended to provide windows which show both antenna patterns and antenna configuration. An accompanying article in both LaTeX and PostScript form describes the process of designing a simple antenna using the system.
  JL logging 1.06
Multi-plattform contest logger written in Java.
  Jlog logging 4.6
A modern Ham Log program (written in Java) can run with Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows, etc.
  Jnos packet 2.1D
KA9Q-variant TCP/IP program for Amateur Radio usage. It was improved by VE4KLM.
  Jstation satellite 19980416
JStation is a software application, written in Java, that implements a fully automated station for working the Digital Store and Forward Amateur Radio Satellites. The download site also contains bug-fixes and documentation.
  K5jb packet k35c
NET, put together ny K5JB. It contains the source code with updates, documentation, sample configuration files and bm, a mailer program.
  KachinaCAT rigcontrol 1.60
Control program for the Kachina 505DSP transceiver with both Linux and Windows versions. This program replaces the Kachina-supplied KC505.EXE (Windows only) for most operating functions, and it is still evolving.
  kamplus digital 1.1.2b
A text-based host mode terminal program for the Kam Plus TNC (a multi-mode TNC manufactured by Kantronics Co, Inc).
  kamplus-qt digital 1.1.2c
A Qt-based host mode terminal program for the Kam Plus TNC (a multi-mode TNC manufactured by Kantronics Co, Inc).
  KComm rigcontrol 1.8
Communication and logging program for Elecraft K2 and K3 transceivers.
  Kct rigcontrol 0.02
The KCT/T is a PC-bus 8bits ISA board to drive two antenna rotors and two radios.
  KenTCL rigcontrol 1.1
A control program for the Kenwood TS-140/440/940 line of amateur radio transceivers that runs under Linux and Windows using the exact same source file.
  Khamlog obsolete 0.2
20100126: moved to obsolete. Projects seems dead, is still using version 3 of the QT libraries.
  Kicad electronics 2010-05-05
Kicad is GPL software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork.
  KLog logging 0.5.9
KLog is a Hamradio logging program for KDE.
  kochmorse morse 0.99.6
KochMorse is a easy to use morse tutor (trainer) for Linux using the Koch-mehtod. It provides a clean and modern graphical interface. The current release (version 0.99.x) is full featured and stable.
  Kpsk digital 1.2rc2
PSK31 for the KDE 3.x linux desktop.
  kptc digital 0.2
Kptc is a KDE2 application for operating comfortable with the SCS PTC-II ( or PTC-IIe, PTC-IIpro).
  KT7F rigcontrol 0.6
KT7F is a graphical control interface for the T7F transceiver (see http://www.df2fq.de)
  ktechlab electronics 0.3.7
KTechlab is a development and simulation environment for microcontrollers and electronic circuits, distributed under the GNU General Public License.
  KTelemetryDemod satellite 0.9
A KDE2 application which reads AO14 telemetry audio data either from a prerecorded WAV file or directly from a sound card, demodulates the 400bps BPSK telemetry signal and outputs data through a TCP/UDP network socket.
  KTrack satellite 0.3.0rc1
Satellite tracking program for KDE3 which uses hamlib.
  Lbbs packet 0.1.8B
Highly configurable mailbox. Can import FBB, NNTP and SMTP messages. Only binaries are distributed. Uses libc4. Not actively maintained.
  ldsped packet 1.16
Linux replacement for AGWPE.
  libax25 packet 0.0.12-rc2
A run-time and development library to support the development of Linux AX.25, NetRom and Rose applications.
  LinAMC packet 2.0rc5
This is a ax25 mail client used to manage bulletins and a personal mail that you can access at your HOME BBS.
  LinKT packet 0.8rc3
Packet Radio terminal program for Linux/KDE (X). Features kernel AX.25 support, multiple parallel connections, auto7plus, autobin, bbs message selector, and lots more. Uses the Qt library.
  LinLogBook logging 0.4
LinLogBook is a highly configurable loogbook for linux.
  Linpac packet 1.0pre4
LinPac is an attempt to create a packet radio terminal for Linux that allows wide configurability and easy addition of new functions and special functions needed by the user.
  Linpsk digital 1.1
LinPsk is a Psk31 program for Linux using the Qt library. It is based on WinPsk 1.0 by Moe Wheatley, AE4JY.
  Linrad SDR 03-46
Linrad is developed under Linux, but is available for Windows also by mingw. Linrad can be used together with a wide range of hardware from the 2.4 kHz audio of an ordinary SSB transceiver to the 2 MHz bandwidth of a Perseus and more. Linrad has native support for many hardware. Some under Linux only and others under Windows only.
  LiNRADiO rigcontrol 0.9.1
Three programs to control WiNRADiO communications receivers.
  linSmith electronics 0.99.12
linSmith is a Smith Charting program, mainly designed for educational use. As such, there is an emphasis on capabilities that improve the 'showing the effect of'-style of operation.
  lin_ebook2cwGUI morse 0.0.2
lin_ebook2cw is a GUI for the program ebook2cw by Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK. ebook2cw translates texts into Morse code and saves it as a MP3 file.
  Lnxforward packet 1.29
Lnxforward is a suite of programs that performs message forwarding to or from FBB or compatible systems.
  Lnxteletext packet 1.03
This is a set of programs to allow the use of the teletext function
  loccalc logging 2.1
Calculates locator from long/lat and vice versa, and beam heading and distance between locators.
  Log-Applet logging 1.20
This amateur radio log search applet searches log files on a server for a specified callsign and returns the result.
  Loopham distribution 2.2.19
Linux distribution based on LoopLinux. Supports kernel 2.2. Can be run from MSDOS system and includes all packages to run AX.25, convers and even a small webserver.
  lpsk31 digital 1.2
Console ncurses based application for the PSK31 digital communication mode
  Lx logging 1.48
VHF contest cross-checker for EDI files.
  Mail2BBS packet 0.0.3
Mail2BBS is a package that enables sendmail to write an import file
  Mailgw packet 0.3.1
Bidirectional gateway between xfbb, inn and several SMTP mta's. Consists of 3 programs: a feed channel for inn, a sendmail style external transport and a program which reads fbb's export file (to be run from cron).
  Makeidx packet 2.0
MAKEIDX creates an index of all FBBDOS files. It scans all FBBDOS drives and outputs the files in each directory with the labels taken from the yapplbl.dat file. Requires FBB7 or newer. This is a binary linked against libc5. Source available on request.
  Marote rigcontrol 3.1
Elecraft K2 GUI based rig control program. Requires Qt 3.x.
  mcut packet 980222
BBS written in pascal.
  MeinProjekt electronics 0.0.1
Meinprojekt is a project management tool which helps you keep track of your electronics project.
  Mewe obsolete 1.2
31-Jul-07: Moved to obsolete. Broken link, no other location known.
  mhuxd digital 0.30
This program is a daemon implementing the microHam keyer protocol.
  Microsat satellite 0.91
These programs allow the amateur PACSATs to be used by a Linux user with the kernel AX.25 code. These programs run under X11 and provide programs that handle the broadcast protocol, the FTL0 file transfer protocol, and for handling directories and downloaded files. This package does *not* include a satellite tracking program, nor anything in the way of station automation.
  Minimuf propagation
This program predicts the most likely operating frequencies and signal levels for high frequency (shortwave) radio propagation paths on specified days of the year and hours of the day.
  Mkiss packet 1.0
Mkiss allows dual port TNCs to be used with the Linux AX.25 kernel software.
  Mkusrlst packet 1.0
Mkusrlst is a simple program which dumps the data from the user database (inf.sys) to the standard output where it may be redirected to a file or processed by a pipe. This is a binary linked against libc5. Source available on request.
  Mlist packet 1.4
Mlist is a powerful majordomo-like mailinglist-server for FBB. Knows commands like subscribe and unsubscribe and can forward via AX.25 to a subscribed list of users. Can maintain several lists. This is a binary linked against libc5. Source available on request.
  Monax25 packet 1.11
These utilities are designed to record the usage of a packet radio channel.
  Morelia BBS packet 0.53
Morelia is a bit like a node and a bit like a bbs. It provides a NOS like look and feel front end to a Linux TCP/IP packet system and provides access to nntp news, personal mail, dns, convers, DX cluster, operator chat and any sysop defined features. It requires Python version 2.0 or greater to run.
  Morse Classic morse 2.1
A powerful morse practice program that supports both the PC speaker and the OSS sound drivers.
  morseall morse 0.4.6
Accessability tool that allows you to control your computer by tapping out morse code.
  Morsememory morse 0.0.2a
Morsememory is a play with cw.
  morsetree morse 0.2
Simple morse code decoder.
  MR Filter electronics 0.2.1
Analog active low/highpass filter designer (Butterworth, Chebyshev, Bessel, Cauer)
  MT63lx digital 0.5
The MT63 soundcard modem is intended for amateur radio as a conversation (RTTY like)
  Mtrack satellite 0.3
Mtrack is a X window based satellite tracking program.
  mtrx morse 0.11
A very small CW decoder
  Multi packet 1.25
Multi is a server for the Linux version of FBB. It allows the sending of a
  multi2k packet 20001001
This server is a linux replacement for LA6CU's well-known MULTI.EXE server
  Multimon digital
The multimon software can decode a variety of digital transmission modes commonly found on UHF radio.
  N0ARY packet 4.0.13
This used to be an experimental packet radio to internet BBS gateway. Don't know if it is still used. The actual gateway at www.arasmith.com/n0ary seems to be down. Lots of example code though, if you want to setup something similar. Sysop manual (in postscript) and configuration files included.
  Nasawash satellite 0.50
NASAWASH extracts valid NASA format 2-line Keplerian element sets from a text file, which may contain other text of various kinds.
  Nec antenna 2
Numerical electromagnetics code, written in fortran. This is professional antenna analysis software. For documentation check out http://www.qsl.net/wb6tpu/swindex.html. There you can also find linux binaries, if you don't know how to compile fortran code.
  nec2c antenna 1.1
Translation of NEC2 antenna modeling tool from FORTRAN to C
  Netchl packet 980919
Net port by pe1chl. Lots of extension. Only binaries are distributed.
  NEW-AX.25 packet 2.2.20pre11-10
NEW-AX25 is an alternative implementation of ax.25 for linux.
  Newqpsk obsolete 0.0.4
Obsolete: This code is included in the soundmodem package.
  Node packet 0.3.2
Node is a simple node front end, modelled after the node shells of TheNet and G8BPQ nodes.
  norad satellite 0.7
Very simple application utilizing my translation to C of SGP4/SDP4 satellite tracking routines, intended as a guide on using SGP4/SDP4.
  Npp antenna 1.4
Nec2 postprocessor. Useful utility, written in yorick, which calls the nec2 program with a nec input file, outputs the result as a antenna pattern on the screen and in a postscript file for printing. Contains lots of examples. Npp requires yorick-1.4 which is available in most linux distributions. This package contains a nec2 binary.
  OCTL rigcontrol 0.10
A Python program to interrogate the Ten-Tec ORION transceiver and replicate the LCD panel using the curses package.
  OpenBCM packet 1.06
The OpenBCM-Mailbox is an amateur radio Bulletin Board System with AX.25 store and forward capabilities. OpenBCM was formerly known as BayCom-Mailbox (BCM). Supports Linux, Windows NT/2000/XP and DOS.
  OPSK rigcontrol 0.20
Provides band and passband controls to be used in conjunction with a waterfall display to easily focus on PSK31 signals. Specific to the Orion, but can be adapted to other rigs.
  otdigi packet 0.2
otdigi is a reference digipeater to test some proposed OpenTRAC protocol elements.
  p3d obsolete 0.1
31-Jul-07: Moved to Obsolete. P3D is QRT.
  PacsatTools satellite 1.0
PacsatTools is a collection of utilities designed to help facilitate communications with Pacsat satellites operating in the Amateur Radio Service. Included are utilities that prepare files for upload to pacsat satellites, process downloaded files, and display satellite directory information.
  Pbpg satellite 2.2.1
PB and PG for Linux are programs used to download from, and upload to, digital satellites (PACSATs) supporting the FTL0 protocol.
  Pcb electronics 20100929
Pcb is an interactive printed circuit layout system for X-windows. Produces very professional output, but does not contain an autorouter or something similar. Good documentation and examples included.
  Pconv packet 1.1R
pConv is a Perl/Tk based graphical ham convers client
  PerlAPRS packet 1.1.2
PerlAPRS is an application which can monitor both local TNC and remote Internet APRS packets. It then can perform an automated action based on criteria specified by the user. For installation instructions see the perlAPRS homepage.
  PetitTrack satellite 1.2.0
PetitTrack is a small satellite tracker for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5x00 Linux PDAs.
  Phase3 obsolete 20001028
31-Jul-07: Moved to Obsolete. P3D/AO13 are QRT.
  PhaseShift digital 0.4
PhaseShift is a program for operating PSK31 on Linux.
  phpHamLog logging 2.0
Do all your logging through any web browser. PHP based logbook script. Requires php4, mysql, and apache (other things might work, but have not been tried).
  Pi2new packet 0.8ALPHA
These are fairly simple modifications of the existing pi2.c code, originally done by Dave Perry and recently modified for modular use in 2.0.36 kernel distributions.
  Picprog electronics 1.9.1
PIC programming software with easy to build hardware for Microchip PIC controllers.
  PIKdev electronics 1.2.1
PiKdev is a simple graphic IDE for the development of PIC-based applications.
  PikLab electronics 0.15.10
PikLab is a Microchip PIC programmer software. It can work with serial and parallel programmer and Microchip ICD2 hardware.
  Pileup obsolete 1.2
2010-10-13: moved to Obsolete, no longer compiles on Linux.
  Pmc packet 0.6.5
Mailbox-Client for DP/Baycom-Boxen.
  Pp-conversd packet 3.12
conversation table (server and client), derived from wampes' convers.
  PREDICT satellite 2.2.3
PREDICT is an easy to use, ncurses-based satellite tracking/orbital prediction program developed for the Linux operating system.
  psatcal satellite 0.1
Command line predict Perl client to print coming satellite passes on screen.
  psearch utils 0.3
Psearch is a search program for files located in ~/ftp/pub on your local machine. An includes daemon program called psearchd allows searches of remote ftp servers.
  psk31lx digital 2.0
Soundcard based ncurses program for operating PSK31.
  PSKmail digital 1.1
PSKmail is a narrow band mail delivery system for use by amateur radio hams via short wave (HF) communication. Unlike PACTOR, it does not use a special controller, you just need a computer with a sound card. PSKmail uses Fldigi in PSK125 mode.
  PSKmeter.py digital 0.25
A Python / open source program to control and display data from the PSKmeter.
  Pt-driver packet 0.04
Allows you to use a PackeTwin with the AX.25 code.
  puff electronics 20100127
PUFF is a program for analyzing microwave circuits, with graphical circuit entry, stripline calculations, etc.
  PyHamClock utils 0.2
Bold real-time digital clock shows UTC and local date and time. Written in Python with wxPython.
  Pylink-SR SDR 2.1
A fromtend for SDR1000 and reduced clone (eg. softrock, ...).
  PyMo morse 0.6
PyMo builds a small Python/PyGTK 2.0 application around Jochen Kunz' morse program. It focuses on training groups of five characters. It provides nice highlighted corrections and a flexible configuration.
  pythonProp propagation 0.10
Open source front end and plotting application for voacapl.
  qantenna antenna 0.2.3
QAntenna is able to show antennas in a 3D plot, and calculate it's radiation pattern. It is capable of working with many antennas at the same time.
  Qgrid logging 3.0
Qgrid can convert from Maidenhead grid squares to latitude/longitude, convert from latitude/longitude to Maidenhead grid squares, calculate the distance and bearing between two points and show a graphical representation of the bearing.
  qle logging 0.0.36
Graphic QSO logger and log editor for Linux, written in Perl/Tk. 'qle' logs to an SQLite3 database file, has 'Hamlib' rig support and transmits CW through 'cwdaemon' and 'winkeydaemon'. The 'qle' logger features as-you-type DXCC info, super-check-partial and dupe checking as well as logging of QTCs received (WAE).'qle' is aimed at rag-chewers and casual contesters.
  qrq morse 0.3.1
qrq is an open source morse telegraphy trainer for various operating systems (Linux, Unix, OS X, Windows), similar to the classic DOS program Rufz.
  qrss_vd SDR 1.05
QRSS VD is a free, open-source, cross-platform QRSS spectrograph and spectrogram analyzer written entirely in Python
  QRZPY logging 0.12
Gathers XML data from QRZ.com (subscription required) for label printing and other output formats. Coded in Python.
  QSO language coach utils 0.0.2
QSO language coach will learn you to make a QSO in different languages.
  Qsstv digital 7.1.6
Application which uses /dev/dsp to receive and transmit slow scan television and fax.
  QTLog logging 1.5
qtlog is a logging program based on qt and MySQL.
  QUISK SDR 3.5.11
QUISK is a graphical application. It can demodulate AM/FM/SSB/CW signal from ALSA sound card or from the network I/Q stream.
  Radio Explorer utils 2.7.5
Displays schedules (HFCC and ILGRadio) in a tree-like expandable way, on a 24-hour Gantt chart and on a world map with greyline and propagation coloring.
  RAWT utils 0.31
Radio Amateurs Web-based Toolkit - providing a set of tools for daily DX-work, e.g. locator calculation, contest-logging, etc.
  Remoto rigcontrol 20110924
ncurses GUI for the motorola JEDI series scanners.
  Reqlst packet 2.02
REQLST is a server which enables BBS users to request the messages list. It's meant for TSTHOST and TPK users to allow them to retrieve the list as a compressed message.
  Retmail packet 2.0
Retmail returns local messages for unknown users and messages which are about to expire before empurmess deletes them. This is a binary linked against libc5. Source available on request.
  Rigserve rigcontrol 0.31
Rigserve is an IP-based server that controls your ham rigs and listens for client connections.
  Roverlog logging 2.6
Logging program intended for ARRL VHF/UHF contests.
  RSCW morse 0.1
RSCW is an experimental morse decoder using the sound card for input.
  Rspfd packet 0.9
An implementation of the Radio Shortest Path First (RSPF) protocol version 2.2.
  Rtty digital 2.1
RTTY soundcard program for linux. Shows a control window where mark, space and number of data bits can be set. Also provides a Oscilloscope display for tuning.
  rwgps utils 0.8
Console ncurses application for controlling and reading data from a Rockwell Microtracker LP(tm) gps module
  RX320 controller rigcontrol 0.6.2
This is a controller program to use with the Ten Tec RX 320 radio.
  rxamadrm digital 1_6
Program for Digital SSTV cf HAMDRM standard. Uses ALSA audio drivers. 64 bits
  satcom satellite 1.3
Console ncurses based application for SGP4/SDP4 satellite tracking, CAT for FT847 and control for G-5500
  Sattrack satellite 3.1.6
SatTrack is a realtime satellite tracking and orbit prediction program with an X11 color world map tracking chart. This is the last freely available release.
  Satupdat packet 1.87
Updates BBS satellite data base from AMSAT bulletins received via packet radio.
  saupp packet 1.61
A packet radio convers daemon.
  SaveMeQSL-NG utils 0.1.0
Save My eQSL NG (or savemeqsl-ng) is the New Generation or derivate product of my bash script savemeqsl for downloading electronic QSL cards from the eQSL site.
  Sccw obsolete 1.1
2010-10-12: moved to Obsolete, no longer compiles on Linux.
  SCR-Log logging 2.0
Freeware logging and reporting software for School Club Roundup, an operating event held the second full week in February.
  sctl rigcontrol 0.0.3
sctl is a program to control the Bearcat BC895 xlt trunking scanner, and possibly others.
  SDCC electronics 2.9.0
Small Device C Compiler - if you want Microchip PIC or a lot of other microcontroller-type programming with free software in C language. If you want use for PIC, you must compile the "gputils" package and SDCC.
  SDR-Shell SDR 2b
Simple Software Defined Radio Graphical User Interface for controlling the DttSP sdr-core
  sgp4sdp4 satellite 0.4
My translation from Fortran to C of the NORAD SGP4/SDP4 satellite tracking routines
  Siboplot electronics 0.11
This electronics program calculates the Bode plot (amplitude and phase) of simple ladder networks.
  Sigmira SDR 1r7
Sigmira™ is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) application program that runs on Windows and Linux. It operates with with an external conventional receiver, RFSpace SDR-IQ™, RPSpace SDR-14™, or SDR-RADIO.com networked receiver. Sigmira offers wideband spectrographic, waterfall, and phase plane displays. It also demodulates various military, utility, and "ham" radio signals.
  simpll electronics 0.1
A simple tool for PLL synt loop filter design and tune up - very alpha version!
  smithchart electronics 0.1
This is a GTK widget for drawing Smith charts. It uses the cairo (gtkcairo to be precise) library for rendering the chart. A sample program using the widget is included in the package. The code is based on gsmc.
  so2sdr logging 1.1.2
A ham radio contest log program that features a software-defined radio (SDR) bandscope. The program is written using Qt.
  Solar propagation 19980417
Gnuplot script to display sunspot data.
  soundmodem digital 0.16
This software allows you to use your computer and soundcard to emulate a number of digital radio modems including AFSK 1200, HAPN 4800, G3RUH 9600 and others.
  SPLAT! propagation 1.4.0
An RF Signal Propagation Loss And Terrain analysis tool for the spectrum between 20 MHz and 20 GHz.
  Splitscreen packet 1.4.1
NCURSES-based ttylink/convers client. As the name says, devides your screen into 2 parts for incoming and outgoing traffic.
  sstvtx digital 20080730
Generates SSTV (Martin 1 mode) sound files from a JPEG image.
  Sunclock propagation 3.56
This program is a clock that shows which portion of the Earth's surface is illuminated by the Sun. Very useful for studying greyline propagation.
  SvxLink utils 13.03
SvxLink is a flexible voice services system for ham radio use which can act as a repeater controller and have support for EchoLink.
  Synop satellite 3.0.4
This program will display the positive elevation of selected satellites for a 24 hour period, or of a single satellite for a week.
  Syntorxgen rigcontrol 1.50rel
Syntorxgen generates code plugs (i.e. sets of channel settings for frequency, PL, etc.) for Motorola Syntor X transceivers.
  Talk-ax25 packet 960426
Berkeley talk client modified for AX.25 use.
  Talkt packet 0.1.0
TalKT is a very simple application which allows voice QSO over packet.
  tfkiss packet 1.2.4
tfkiss is a port of "TheFirmware" by NORDxLINK to Linux/Unix.
  Tig2aprs packet
Tig2aprs is a utility to convert US Census [1]TIGER/Line(R) (1994 or 1995 version) map data into maps suitable for use with the Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System (APRS) by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.
  tigerAPRS packet 1.0 Beta
This program is intended to provide an Automatic Position Reporting System , APRS, that runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac systems WITHOUT having to worry about system specifics and having to worry about keeping seperate source trees. The only change required in the source is specifying the serial port the TNC is hooked to.
  tk10 rigcontrol 0.4
tk10 is configuration software for the ICOM IC-R10 receiver. It employs a graphical user interface and works on Linux, MacOS X, BSD, Windows, etc.
  tk120 rigcontrol 1.3
tk120 is a utility program for programming or cloning the Yaesu VR-120 handheld receiver.
  tk150 rigcontrol 1.3
tk150 is a utility program for programming or cloning the 1000 channel Standard (Yaesu) VR-150 handheld receiver sold in Japan.
  tk2 rigcontrol 1.1
tk2 is an open source, multi-platform configuration program for the ICOM IC-R2 portable receiver.
  tk3 rigcontrol 0.4
tk3 is an open source, multi-platform configuration program for the ICOM IC-R3 portable radio/television receiver.
  tk5 rigcontrol 0.6
tk5 is configuration software for the ICOM IC-R5 receiver. It employs a graphical user interface and works on Linux, MacOS X, BSD, Windows, etc.
  tk500 rigcontrol 1.5
tk500 is a utility program for programming or cloning the Yaesu VR-500 receiver.
  tk545 rigcontrol 1.4
tk545 is open source software for controlling and programming the Japan Radio Co. NRD-545 DSP receiver.
  tk7 rigcontrol 0.5
tk7 is an open source, multi-platform configuration program for the ICOM IC-Q7A walkie-talkie.
  tk75 rigcontrol 0.4
tk75 is open source software for controlling and programming the ICOM IC-R75 shortwave receiver.
  tk8500 rigcontrol 0.9
tk8500 is open source software for controlling and programming the ICOM IC-R8500 wide coverage receiver.
  tk92 rigcontrol 0.7
tk92 cloning software for Radio Shack PRO-92, PRO-2067 scanners.
  Tkconv packet 3.0.2
convers client for X, using tcl/tl toolkit. Color support.
  Tkd7 rigcontrol 1.33
tkD7 is an expectk script for controlling the Kenwood TH-D7 HT. It can control basic transceiver operation, set various radio parameters, set memories, and display APRS data very crudely. It has been run on FreeBSD and Linux but should be portable to any system that supports TCL/TK and Expect.
  TLF logging 0.9.31
TLF is the first text-mode general purpose contest logging program with full networking support.
  Tnos packet 2.40
KA9Q-variant TCP/IP program for Amateur Radio usage. State of the art. Contains Web based BBS, scripting support, FBB Compressed Forwarding and lots more.
  Tnt packet 1.9.2
Tnt is a hostmode terminal program for packet radio with multiple virtual screens, connect scripts, YAPP, AutoBIN and "Autoforward".
  Tone electronics 0.60
"Tone" will work with one or two soundcards and will provide single or dual tones with sine-, square-, or triangular-waveforms.
  Trans-applet antenna 0.3
This is a little transmission line calculator applet. A number of the ideas were borrowed from TL.EXE by Dean Straw N6BV. The values of the built in cable attenuations were taken from that program. The program shows power, voltage and current across a transmission line. Impedances, losses and SWR are calculated.
  TRK satellite 0.4.1
Satellite tracking program with ncurses interface.
  Tronkito MPT1327 Trunk Tracker utils 1.0
A MPT1327 Trunked Radio Decoder has been released. It supports decoding and tracking MPT1327 systems under linux using the soundcard and a Icom receiver.
  TrustedQSL logging 1.13
ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW) system is a repository of log records submitted by users from around the world. This software developed can be used to convert a log file (in ADIF or Cabrillo file format) into a file of digitally signed QSO data, ready for submission to LoTW.
  TS440 rigcontrol 0.9
Linux GTK Program to control the kenwood TS440.
  Ttylinkd packet 0.03
ttylink talk daemon (port 87).
  Tucnak logging 3.17
Multiplatform VHF/HF contest logging program. Includes all features for Multi station: networking, ON4KST chat, CW/SSB keying, radio control and more and more...
  Tuner-applet antenna 0.01
This is a simulator for the popular, series capacitor, parallel inductor T-network tuners. It can be run as a standalone applet or within a java capable web-browser. It shows a grapical presentation of a tune with three knobs which can be rotated. The applet then calculates the SWR and the losses inside the tuner.
  TuxLog logging 0.0.6
TuxLog is a log program for Linux. The data are stored in a MySQL data base. A call registered appears immediately the picture if available. The data can be exported in the SQL or ADIF format. Over telnet then a DX cluster connected become. In a window the Grayline is indicated.
  twclock utils 3.1
This program is a clock designed for ham radio operators.
  twcw morse 3.1
Use on the air as a keyer, on the internet as key for CWIRC under XCHAT, or as a Morse tutor/code practice via your soundcard. Pulse audio is used for sound generation.
  twHamQTH logging 1.0
twHamQTH is an online call sign lookup progran.It uses a free XML feed provided by Petr, OK2CQR at his web site, www.HamQTH.com,
  twlog logging 2.9
This GUI program records basic Ham log information.
  twpsk digital 4.0
Twpsk is a program for running PSK31 on Linux using the Motif/lesstif GUI toolkit.
  UKWTools propagation 0.3.5
An X11/GTK/wxWindows program for visualising propagation paths and local topology.
  Ulog logging 0.6
Simple logging program for unix. Uses black and white ncurses interface.
  UnixCW morse 2.3
UnixCW is a package of UNIX-based programs that fit together to form a morse code tutor program similar to CP222 by VU2ZAP.
  Unode packet 1.0.0
Basically a repost of the great UroNode code which has been missing as the various uronode URLs have busted domains.
  Vipec electronics 3.2.0
VIPEC is a program that allows the user to analyze high frequency, linear, electrical networks.
  VO1PWF 1/4 wave antenna calculator antenna 1.0
Another little application written in gambas (linux) and Visal Basic for windows to help aid in vertical antenna construction.
  vo1pwf logger logging 2.0
linux and windows versions of my ham radio logging program.
  vo1pwf loop antenna calculator antenna 1.0
windows and linux versions available.... a loop antenna calculator, enter the frequency and it shows all needed measurements for a loop antenna
  VOACAP (Linux) propagation 0.5.7
A port of the VOACAP program that compiles with GCC/GFortran on Linux (and possibly OSX)
  Vxu rigcontrol 0.5.0
Vxur and vxuw are command line utilities that allow reading and writing the memory of the Yaesu/Vertex Standard VX-5R HT and FT-817/FT-857 in "clone" mode.
  W1HKJ gMFSK improvements digital gmfsk.hkj.55
numerous improvements to the user interface, modem decoding algorithms, addition of Olivia-2-tone and dominoEX modes.
  Wamplus packet 960213b
WAMPlus is an IP router and AX25+NETROM protocol manager for linux. It was created on the base of Dieter Deyke's WAMPES system code. This later became AIRS.
  Web-Logbook logging 4.05g
A Webbased Logbook written in PHP. It uses MySQL and Apache and can be used over the Internet or Intranet.
  WebConvers packet 2.0
webconvers is a web-based interface to the amprnet World Wide Convers system that has it's roots in an online Chat room script written by Christopher Heschong.
  Wiggle morse 1.0
A very simple morse decoder that uses the sound card (or a unix pipe) as input.
  winkey morse 0.2
Petr, OK2CQR, developed an UDP server allowing operation of the Winkey USB by K1EL with any Linux program with UDP keyer capability. It work in the same way as the popular cwdaemon. With Winkeyer USB server expands the useability of this excellent product to all Linux program with UDP keyer capability (TLF by PA0R etc.)
  Winkeyer USB server morse 0.2
A Linux GUI server for Winkey by K1EL. Works in the same way as cwdaemon.
  WinRADiO toolkit for Linux rigcontrol 0.1
A TCL based graphical interface to the WinRadio communications receivers.
  wstools digital 0.4.8d
Linux version of the JT44 and FSK441 communications protocols, usually described together as WSJT.
  Wwl propagation 1.2
Given two Maidenhead locators, calculates distance (qrb) and azimuth.
  wxapt satellite 1.5
Command line utility for decoding APT format images from weather satellites
  X-net packet 1.38
Multiprotocol router for AX.25, TCP/IP, INP3, NetROM and FlexNet-Routing. It's a net clone, but it can do a lot more. Distributed as binaries.
  X25-utils packet 2.1.20
These are some knocked up utilities to support the X.25 code within the Linux kernel. Not very well tested.
  xanalyzer electronics 1.32
Spektrum analyzer with motif/lestiff interface which uses a sound card.
  Xarpm Plus packet V1.3.1
Xarpm (X Amateur Radio Packet Mailer) is a graphical terminal & mailer program for Linux. Download and install V1.3.0 then do online update to version V1.3.1
  Xastir packet 2.0.0
X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting (APRS Program).
  xcircuit electronics 3.7.13
XCircuit is a UNIX/X11 program for drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams and related figures, and produce circuit netlists through schematic capture.
  xdemorse morse 2.4
GTK based application for decoding and displaying Morse code signals
  Xearth propagation 1.1
Xearth sets the X root window to an image of the Earth, as seen from your favorite vantage point in space, correctly shaded for the current position of the Sun.
  xfhell digital 2.4
GTK based application for the Hellschreiber digital communications mode
  xgridloc logging 1.4
GTK based application for Maidenhead grid locator calculations
  xhamlog logging 0.7
GTK based QSO logging application
  Xlog logging 2.0.5
Easy to use general logging program for X/GTK with rig control.
  xnec2c antenna 2.3-beta
GTK based graphical wrapper for nec2c. Incorporates nec2c and is interactive, presenting results graphically as they are calculated.
  Xnecview antenna 1.36
A program for visualizing NEC2 input and output data (X-windows).
  Xnet packet 1.1
XNET is a network analyzer designed specifically to monitor AX.25 packet
  xoscope electronics 2.0
xoscope provides computer based display and analysis of oscilloscope & spectrum analyzer output from a wide range of devices like soundcard or dedicated hardware.
  Xpr obsolete 0.42
2010-12-12: No longer available for download, although the webpage still exists.
  xpsk31 digital 2.5
GTK based application for the PSK31 digital communications mode
  xsatcom satellite 2.4
GTK based application for SGP4/SDP4 satellite tracking, CAT for the FT847 and control of the G-5500 Az/El rotors
  xsmc-calc antenna 1.0.0
An X program for doing calculation on Smith Chart.
  xsndtest electronics 0.15
Sound card analyzer. This program send 100 frequencies out, and it measures noise or distortion which are important parameters, if we want use this card in measurement or for SDR.
  xspectrum electronics 0.1
xspectrum is a program that displays the spectrum of
  xtt516 rigcontrol 0.1
xtt516 is a rig control client for the Ten Tec Argonaut V (Model 516) HF amateur radio transceiver
  Xwota utils 0.4
Xwota is a GTK Client that connects to the WOTA Database (Who is On The Air - http://www.wotadb.org).
  xwxapt satellite 2.2
GTK based decoder application for APT format images from weather satellites
  Xywmodem packet 0.3
Linux driver for the async connection of the G4XYW modem
  Yaesu/KG0CQ rigcontrol 0.13
Archaic program to control a Yaesu FT-890 HF transceiver off of a serial port.
  Yaesu/OH2LWO rigcontrol 0.2alpha
Software to program Yaesu HTs FT-50 and VX-1.
  Yagi antenna calculator obsolete 0.4
No longer available according to the website
  Yagi-applet antenna 1.0
This java applet/application implements a simple yagi modeling code. It can either run in a java compatible web-browser, or under Sun's JDK runtime environment. You will be presented with a screen divided into a top screen where the antenna is drawn and a bottom part for calculations. In the bottom right part the antenna pattern is drawn. Contains example antenna's and you can design your own.
  yagi-logper antenna 0.0.3
finds exact gain, directivity and input impedance of Yagi or log-periodic antennas (planar symmetric array of cylindrical dipoles, many driven elements) for a range of specified frequencies, integrates 2D for segments on the same element, moment method
  YFKlog logging 0.3.5
Console based general purpose logging software written in Perl with Curses. Logs stored in a SQLite or MySQL database. Award tracking and statistical functions, LOTW support, QSL label generation, and much more...
  YFKtest logging 0.0.9
Console contest logger written in Perl. Supports transceiver control (hamlib), cwdaemon and a growing number of contests.
  Z8530-30 packet 3.0.dl1bke
utils for the generic Z8530 AX.25 device driver for linux kernel 2.1.6 and up.
  Zipham distribution 2.0.38
Slackware based linux for radio hams. Includes kernel 2.0.38 with ax25-utils, with clients
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